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Your Pilates Body Sculpting Studio.

We offer our Signature Athletic Pilates Sculpting Classes that are fast-paced, 45 minutes science-based workouts will keep you challenged mentally and physically Every Single Class.

Join us for beat-driven, muscle-burning body sculpting reformer classes.

Experienced instructors promise the individual focus of a personal training session with a great vibe and beautiful setting.

Not only we offer full-body workouts but specific training focuses on different parts of your body. Come back each day for different workouts.

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At Pilates Body each group session can hold maximum 4-6 individuals for maximum attention.

Why Us?

We want to provide you the best boutique, affordable pilates classes that are consistent. 

Each of our classes are carefully designed with award-winning pilates studio in Australia. 

All of our instructors are fully-licensed with different area of expertise. 

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